Melva Newman

In loving memory of Melva Newman

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Melva Newman was my supervisor as I was getting my lisence as a LMFT working with diverse foster youth. She was my favorite teacher. I would go to her home and have the most delicious salads with her and Joe. Her smile and spirit are a part of me always. She taught me, and believed, that every human being deserves inherent love, respect and worth. I am a better person because of Melva. My love and prayers to her family. Susan Kehoe-Jergens, LMFT ❤️ 
— Susan Kehoe-Jergens, LMFT
August 4, 2022
Melva's arms always seemed to be outstretched and welcoming. 
And she certainly had a Midas like touch in terms of turning otherwise mundane moments into pure gold ! 
Her heart and soul were as warm, inviting, and as ever embracing as was her one of a kind laughter, which I will always remember as a joyous chord frequently "played" with the "notes" of my father's own resonant voice and laughter. 🎶🤍
— Stuart Hamilton
July 7, 2022
We are so glad to be a part of your wonderful family.. Our dear sister friend Melva whom we cherish~will alway be in our hearts.. Never to be forgotten!!  We speak and call-out her name often.. My family loves her dearly.. These are a few photos of our last visit with her and Joe and the family.. What a joyful visit..Much Love, 💓🌸💓
Binah & Gordon Williams
— Binah & Gordon Williams
June 29, 2022
Melva was so wonderful.  We are so lucky to known such an amazing person.  
Nancy Mullin 
— Nancy Mullin
June 26, 2022
Melba was an earth angel. She touched so many hearts. She was the quintessential example of love. Walking in her talk and setting an example to show others how to live and love
— Eloise
June 25, 2022
I met Melva a few times when I visited Colette, she exuded love, grace, generosity and kindness.  I heard so many wonderful stories from Colette about her mom’s independence and free spirit. I am so honored  I got to meet you Melva, may you rest in peace .
— Reem Mohamed
June 25, 2022
Melva was special to me because she was always kind, nurturing, and honest. She always brought out the best of all of those around her and new how to have a good time. 
She is deeply missed and I think about her often. She was my second grandmother.  A role that she acknowledged and  assumed after the passing of her close friend and my grandmother Hilda. She is a true original and it was always a pleasure to spend time with her. 
— Chris Covella
June 25, 2022
Melva is my favorite person ever.
She changed my diapers.
She will be, forever, missed. Love, Frank (Jessie D)
— Frank Williams
June 25, 2022
A kinder, more gracious person, I have never met in my life. I never heard her utter an unkind word towards or about anyone ever. Mrs. Newman was truly a beautiful human being!
— Kenneth Ritchards
June 25, 2022
Condolences to the family from the Temple Family.
— Eleanor Ruth Temple
June 25, 2022
I only met Ms. Melva once or twice, but I was always so impressed with her gracious nature. She was a lovely lady.
— Patricia Terry
June 25, 2022
Mrs. Melva was incredibly sweet and kind. Every memory was incredibly special and I cherish it. Her spirit was so soft and warm! It was beautiful watching her glow when she talked about her family, her travels and her perfectly coordinated, beautiful outfits! Mrs. Melva embodied light and sunshine. I am so grateful God blessed me with the pleasure to meet and know her. 
— Carrissah Calvin
June 25, 2022
One of my fondest memories of Melva is when we traveled from Sacramento to Los Angeles together. We were sitting in the airport waiting for our flight and we decided to get a slice of pizza.  After getting the pizza we sat back down waiting for our plane eating the pizza …realizing how terrible the pizza was, Melva with the biggest grin and most joyful voice says “this is the toughest pizza ever”…. And I said … with the same exuberance …I know it’s like leather! We sat there for 10 minutes laughing about the tough pizza with so much joy. After a few minutes we looked up and realized all the people around us have gone in the plane already boarded.  We jumped up and grabbed our bags and ran to the gate …Causing a complete ruckus and cracking up laughing all the way. Most fun I’ve ever had in an airport .💜  Melva showed me that day that I can choose joy no matter how tough the pizza is! 💜
— LeiJonette Small
June 24, 2022
Melva was my Godmother!!  She and my mother, Nancy Evans were friends in college.  I will always remember her Bohemian spirit!!  Rest in Peace and Power 🙏❤️💕
— Karen Evans
June 24, 2022
My Cousin Melva was a role-model for me at a young age. My dad drove the “big girls” to college (UCLA) on a rotating carpool basis on many Sunday nights because my aunt didn’t drive. If someone was missing, I got to ride in the back seat and listen to the big girls hear the basketball game on the radio, talk a bit about boys and parties, and strategize about exams. I grew up wanting to be just like them: Go to UCLA,  become an AKA (Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority), live in Stephen’s House and go to parties and ball games! They all became most successful in their fields—-and I did indeed follow my cousin’s example, doing all of those things. My Cousin was a wonderful role model!!! May the Peace of Christ surround her for all time.
— Teretta Burton Terrell Thomas
June 24, 2022
Melva's Legacy
Melva lived her life
Like a Flower among us
As two flowers never bloom exactly alike
Melva flourished with foremost         
Showering us with enduring love and grace
At the end of the day
All flowers bend to her light and beauty 
— Miriam Segall
June 24, 2022
You mother was a beautifully remarkable woman.  She invited me to your home in Altadena many times when I lived in Pasadena for five years. 
I will never forget your mother organizing her friends to help me plan a youth conference.  That was major, but she made it happen and the youth were pleased.  The youth conference was my last hurray in the Pasadena Recreation Department.  Some people have a front seat in your life for a short time and make all of the differences in the world. Melva Newman did that for me.  You were a little girl because that was in 1975.  That was 45 years ago, but I continue to reflect on it as one my successes in my life thanks to Melva Newman.
Tommie R. Whitlow -  September 26, 2020
— Tommie R. Whitlow (deceased)
June 23, 2022
The source of inspiration, encouragement, love and liberation.
Tho I know her not well, I feel that I do.
For she reflects the love of the past, the present, and the future.
Her laughter rolls like thunder.
She abates her anger with positive action.
And if your soul should encounter her in trouble, she always leaves you with hope.
--Wilhelmina Raspberry
— Wilhelmina Raspberry
June 21, 2022
Thank you for being the mother,
 that was missing from my life.
Thank you for allowing me to be your daughter,
From another mother.
Thank you for being the light,
during my darkest days.
Thank You for being a role model,
of never meeting a stranger.
Thank you for walking beside me
 And for always, being there for me.
Thank you for making me smile
And for smiling along with me
Thank you for each day that you
So fondly demonstrated, of what is meant
“To live your life to the fullest,” 
with zeal, love, and laughter.
Thank you for being who you were,
 Allowing me, to be me.
There will never be another, one you
Most of all, thank you for embracing me
Allowing me,  the privilege of being a part of your life.
Your Goddaughter,
— Robyn Love
June 18, 2022
Melva was my teacher at Pacific Oaks College in the 1990s. I had human sexuality class from her.  I also did an counciling intership with jer ay the Javkie Robinson Center and she supportef my efforts to help a schizophrenic client.  I learned much about keeping a sense of humor and compassion in challenging circumstances.  I can still see that big smile and hear her laughter!  Annie Drager (aka Paup)
— Annie Drager (aka Paup)
June 18, 2022
Melva was one of the most remarkable and intelligent Black woman that I had ever met in the 1970's in Altadena.  We had a school called Omowale Ujamaa and Melba was our counselor and historian.  she would share her African art work and other items with the staff and children of the school.  Melva was the type of person that spoke the truth as she knew it and was humble at the same time.  It is great to say that i knew Melva and I was enhanced by our relationship. Owusu Hodari 
— Owusu Hodari
June 14, 2022
Hi Mom:
I am looking for some stuff. Stuff I got from you all the time. Where is it?
The light in my day. The need to be needed. The food that you cooked in excess. The smile that warmed my soul. My reason for being.
I need some of this stuff to stuff the hole in my heart.
You would always glue broken things together. Broken wine glasses to hold flowers. Broken vases to hold flowers. Broken ashtrays to hold flowers.
Where is your glue? My heart is broken. It can't hold flowers. My heart is holding Emptiness that reaches down to the end of the universe.
When I came into this world, I had my mom. You nursed me from your bosom. Where can I find the nourishment that I can only get from you?
Where is it Mommy? Please help me find some of the pieces of stuff missing from my soul.
Love Forever,
Colette - September 28, 2020
— Colette
June 14, 2022
Melva's Poem.

As we move in bountiful gardens,
          envision new journeys,      
          explore new puzzles and issues,
          encounter former strangers as new acquaintances and friends, and 
          tour museums of art, stone, and history,   
crumbling walls form pathways,
crises create opportunities, with her enduring hug and shining sun embracing us.
Our soulful selves move through life's circle, and
we open our minds and hearts to the universe and
the uniqueness of Melva.
— Emily Brooks
June 9, 2022
A Memorable Moment with Melva          

One unique experience occurred in 1989, when we (Melva and I) traveled to Egypt with the Black Social Workers and Dr. Ben.
Somehow, Abu Simbel was not listed on the initial tour.  We (the group) needed to vote to make an adjustment, and our vote
would determine if we visited this monument.   Melva's vote was the critical vote to the count.   But Melva had befriended some
Bedouins and went with them to the mountains to meet their families and to learn about their arts and crafts.   Meanwhile at the
hotel, we (the social workers and guests) waited and waited.   Melva returned in time to caste the deciding vote.   Our group
went to Abu Simbel.   Melva returned home with her wearable art, a dress, from the Bedouins.   In my opinion, Melva wearing
this signature dress that she obtained from the Bedouins symbolized her being in the universe, making new friends, and
embracing other cultures. 
— Emily Brooks
June 9, 2022
Sometimes grief arrives in big overwhelming waves. Our lives come to a halt, sadness and mourning descends.  Losing Melva was something completely unexpected leaving us unprepared for the acute grief with no foreseeable closure. Losing Melva will be a defining feature of my life and to those who loved her.
Melva was drawn in life to those she knew and didn’t know.  To Melva no one was a stranger and this natural friendliness expanded our lives exponentially.  From the time she woke in the morning until the light went out, Melva was happily making new friends.  From Russia to Rome to Paris and London to Antarctica to Argentina to the Panama to Mexico and China shedding laughter and light and inexorably making friends. She was an accomplished woman and in her short life, and I do mean short life, and 
impacted many.  Her successful career as a psycho therapist, a teacher of college students a leader of many kinds of support groups, a mother of three beautiful daughters and grandmother and wife to her beloved Joe and a humanist. 
When I’m particularly sad and miss Melva, I reach back in my memory for shared experiences and extract and think with happiness at having Melva in my life. 
The loss of Melva has left me with a feeling  of defenselessness.  Often when I’m sitting on my balcony, I’m visited by a tiny hummingbird, one of those small creatures whose wings and heart beat so much faster than anyone else’s and I’m reminded of Melva; so much beauty so much joy to the world and I find peace.   
— Miriam Segall
June 9, 2022
My world came to an end today, September 23, 2020.   Pull down the shades.  I wish to live in the dark. My sister has gone away forever.  Melva is gone. Our lives are over. A large hammer came down and destroyed our world. She is gone forever and I’m left crying, crying alone without my dearest friend Melva. 
Melva had the bravery to act out of her own nature and was a partisan of freedom in all of its guises; including, of course, women’s liberation to the point of insurrection.   Melva achieved autonomy and became her own priest, pupil, student, wife, mother, psychotherapist.  Most of all, she had a fun and joyous attitude for living.   Her example gives you much to admire and envy.  She was able to multiply herself and in that sense gave herself to all those who clustered around her.   To Melva, no one was a stranger. To her clients, she was first a friend and then lead them to be free to enjoying happier lives.  She empowered them to knock through ceilings and bring into focus a bright, dizzy world and flow upward into the future.  
Melva had a celebrated life and refused all her life to be told who she is or supposed to be.   Melva was Melva, nobody else.   I love you,   forever.  MIRIAM 
— Miriam
June 9, 2022
For me, Melva was a form of sunshine. If Melva were present,
you knew there would be laughter and love. She would fill a space with her presence by being there whole-heartedly with joy in every action for all to partake in with her. Whether she was making food to feed her flock or holding court on a couch, you wanted to be near her, to live in the wisdom of her words. When Melva spoke, you wanted to listen because her life-giving perspective flowed constantly without effort or
Melva had an open heart. Whether she had known you for your entire life, like me, or whether she had just met you, you felt loved by her because she loved humanity. She had an instant understanding and compassion for all. She had friends everywhere because once she cared for you, she did not let you go.
There can be no healing from this loss. The gaping hole left in her absence cannot be filled by time or the love of others. Let’s live in her shadow and love others with a pure and compassionate heart, give generously of our time, wisdom and resources, enjoy life with laughter even during the difficult days and carry the love she bestowed on us unto others to keep her spirit intact.
Carole Segall
— Carole Segall
June 9, 2022
You are fixed in my heart forever my dearest friend.I miss our  hilarious laughter filled phone calls. Really no words for fully describing this amazing human  being. Judy  Chazin❤️❤️❤️❤️😊😊😊😊🌺🌺🌺🌺
— Judy Chazin
June 8, 2022
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